In struggle 

January has been a testing month. Crazy hours at work, increase in training load and struggle to find balance because of my chronic desire to over commit.  I was walking the fine tightrope well…that is until if it wasn’t for Monday’s “water incident.”  The water incident:  7 units affected (including our upstairs & downstairs). The … More In struggle 

New beginings

2016 is just around the corner and I am feeling the itch for a change. The goal of this blog was met, and since that realization I haven’t been I writing. Well I have but it’s been mostly short, and on Instagram…. In 2016 I am committing to writing again.  But instead of a regular … More New beginings


Hello new decade! Tomorrow is my 30th birthday.The reason I started this blog is because I had a big goal I wanted to reach by my 30th birthday. I wanted to get to Kona. Deep down the goal was really about what Kona meant to me at that time and all of that was realized … More 30

The build

T-2 weeks until the first race of the year. Crazy how time goes and also how much being patient and waiting to race wears on you! Training has been an absolute blast but I do miss racing. Last week has been hectic as usual but training has been priority one. With ~5 weeks until Chicago it … More The build